Designing a virtual Learning Community for statewide network of educators.
an online environment that will provide our users as well as non-member Educators in Maine with the following services:
  • Open Lesson Repository for members and non-members to easily post through upload or drag and drop technology into a location which will index and categorize the lessons for easy access and retrieval
  • Forums and Discussions - The ability to have open as well as password protected forums and discussion threads
  • Guest audio and video presentations - The ability to make available video and audio presentations both password protected and non-password protected with uploading done via a simple interface or API
  • Dynamic Updating of front page to provide for news updates, pictures etc to be easily updated

Is there anything already developed that might be good. Does anyone know of any "models" already made?
Here are some of our criteria (to date) - please add / help

Sharon, I have just been introduced to this group and they are looking for pilot projects. I have only spent a few hours looking through what they have to offere, but I am really impressed. I believe evrything you need is there, and much more. **** Would like your thoughts! Meg Ormiston

Must haves:
Platform independent (web based)
Follow up and archiving from training sessions
Forums and Discussions (threaded and flexible)
Online training ability (synchronous and non-synchronous)
Repository for lessons, packages, etc. (online storage)

What would be nice:
Periodic podcasts / interviews / etc - open
Ability to have groups (and groups within groups) - collaborations between teachers / classes etc.

Dream Solution:
Complete virtual world with all of the above

Thoughts on Solutions:
Open Ended
Public / Private Areas