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That's the thing - we have to plan and deliver the event; Adobe offers the tech resources. Maybe this could be combined with the proposed ISTE Leadership Institute???


I'm not familiar with what this would consist of> Adobe involvement in possible leadership PD event??????? Is this something that currently exists in curricular form or is Adobe just offering to throw some $$$ our way? What is planned for the Texas adventure?


I've just gotten off the phone with Anuja Dharkar of Adobe, Lynn Nolan of ISTE, and several other reps from ISTE affiliates around the country to discuss Adobe's involvement in a possible leadership PD event. Texas is planning one for May 1 - 2 at TCEA in San Antonio and they are asking if we would be interested in hosting a second such event in New England. Basically Adobe would provide the software and tech support, we would provide the session presenters and facility. The San Anotnio model is using this to lead up to an ISTE Leadership Institute a few months later. What do you think?

Walter McKenzie
December 15, 2006

Now, this sounds interesting to me. This would be totally around Adobe software? Sharon in Maine