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Let's examine the many aspects of del.icio.us.

It has that no frills but highly functional interface, but mainly because it has so many subtle features that are easy to overlook, even if you have been a regular user. It is subtly powerful, in a way that many people do not see.

Purpose and Demo:

A Groovy MP3 Player
The del.icio.us PlayTagger is a tiny tiny piece of JavaScript code you can add to any of your own web pages. It automatically adds a little Flash player to any link in your page that points to an MP3 file:
And when the little triangle clicked, it starts playing the MP3 without leaving the page!:
Here is my example:
This is much better than the link blasting off to an empty page, or launching some other application. And it provides a quick way to tag the audio in your own del.icio.us account.

Tag it Forward
The for:xxxxxx tag is very userful, and should be in the mix for looking at the social aspects of social bookmarking. Adding this tag, where xxxxxx is a del.icio.us user account, allows you to “send” an interesting link to someone else. For example, if you join del.icio.us and tag a link with for:sharonbetts, I will get it in the inbox of my account. This is a great way for a team of teachers to share resources or place them in a special account -- like GCS_grade6.

We Are the Network
And now…. del.icio.us has another subtle tool that allows you to “aggregate” bookmarked sites from a network of people you choose. All you need to do is add a del.icio.us username to your “network”, and the “your network” link will continually display the newest sites that all of your networked friends have added. Using the example above, a team of teachers could all join a Network.

RSS Feeds
The other main point that all web users should remember is that everything in del.icio.us has an RSS. These RSS feeds make delicious a flexible tool to find and share resources from one to many

EMBED your del.icio.us links here:
By placing the rss URL between brackets:
rss url="http://del.icio.us/rss/sharonbetts/Reading" title="Reading" number="20"
with some info, I can see my dynamic links.

AND VIDEO (from United Streaming)

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