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I made this new WIKI page just for the MainEducational Technology Conference.

My first presentation is entitled: Wiki Wiki, Hawaiian for Quick

A notable quote from Adam Frey, wikispaces founder, from his podcast with Steve Hargadon on August 24, 2006.
A WIKI is a very simple way to edit and collaborate on the web.
WIKI isn't going to change a group - won't make an unproductive group productive. But, it will make those interested more productive. It is another tool.
We need people to be able to contribute easily and quickly - then the "heavy lifting" gets easier.

The PineApple page will be used to lead us through WIKIs.

The second presentation is all about del.icio.us - a yummy way to save and share bookmarks.

Find supporting information under the YummyPage.
subpages: About Delicious and HowTo Register

Download the handout.

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