How to get started:
information from Educational World Techtorials
Now, let's find out how to create social bookmarks and use them in the high school environment.
To create social bookmarks, you first must register at a social bookmarking site: Go to -- or another social bookmarking site -- and complete the one page registration form. Click Register. (You might receive a confirmation e-mail.) Just click the link to confirm your registration. and most similar tools install buttons on your browser's (Internet Explorer, Firefox....) toolbar. Click Install Extension Now to add those buttons to your browser. You probably also will have to close and then reopen your browser. Your browser menu bar now should have two new buttons on it:
external image socialbook2.jpg
external image moz-screenshot.jpgexternal image moz-screenshot-1.jpgADD A BOOKMARK
  • Go to any interesting page. This is the page we're going to bookmark.
  • Click the TAG button you just installed on your menu bar. The window/pane below will appear:
    external image socialbook4.jpg
If you worry about privacy - can you utilize social bookmarking safely? Consider using a closed system like BuddyMarks, in which only users you designate as your "buddies" have access to your sites and are allowed to combine their tags and sites with yours.