I just got off the phone with Idelma, Bob and Debren. They will wait to hear back from me about moving forward with plans for a New England leadership institute once I hear back from all of you.

Walter McKenzie
January 2, 2007

I am having a follow-up meeting with the ISTE Leadership Institute people next week and would like to have a better feel of the direction in which we are headed before having that conversation. Remember the ISTE Leadership Institute is a typically year-long initiative where teams of people attend from different districts and collaborate online over time after an initial 2-day meeting.

I would like to propose that MassCUE host the initial 2 day meeting at our conference next November, inviting teams from all six states. We could then let teams pace themselves over the course of the year and come back together in November 08 to celebrate their completion of the institute. If another state would like to host the 08 celebration, that's fine. MassCUE would be willing to host that too.

Let me know what you think. Thanks!

Walter McKenzie
December 8, 2006

Hi again to all our NE affiliate reps!

This past week I had a phone conference with Lynn Nolan, Idelma Quintana (ISTE Institute Program Director), Bob Choquette (ISTE Professional Development Director), and Debren Ferris (Institute Project Manager) to discuss the possibilities for an ISTE Leadership Institute next summer.

A regional institute occurs when ISTE brings the Institute to our region. They need a minimum of 8 teams at a cost of $4900 per team which includes ISTE membership for each team member, ISTE publications (varied by job role) and online learning environment membership and mentor guidance. A team consists of 5 members and can include administrators, teachers and tech leaders.

The hosting group (us) takes care of all logistics, which includes food and facilities. it has been ISTE's experience that this is a much cheaper proposition because the Institute can be held at a local school to help keep costs down.

There are HP scholarships available. To qualify for a $2,000 scholarship, your school needs to have 60% total or 20% above your state average free and reduced lunch enrollment (whichever is lower).

The group on the phone conference discussed several options, including starting next summer and having a session showcasing the institute at each of our state comferences in 07-08, or launching the institute at one of our state conferences in 07-08. The initial meeting of the Institute is two days in length, and the group then determines how long it will take to complete the entire program. The fastest an Institute has ever been completed is four months, given that educators are busy and can only work on it as their busy schedule allows. Institutes can last anywhere from 4-12 months, depending on the groups desire.

Something they stressed was that even though each team is attending the same Institute, they each create their own goals and experience based on the needs of their district. So even though each team is from a different district, the Institute can accommodate everyone's needs.

In committing to a regional institute, there is a contract to sign outlining the plan for implementation, but we are not committed to paying anything if the institute were not to take place. I asked numerous questions on their experience in recruiting teams for an institute and they indicated that they have not had a problem meeting the minimum of 8 teams. They said getting the word out early was key, and networking with potential teams in each of our states was also a good strategy. Ideally they would like 2 to 4 months advance notice to plan and implement an institute.

Walter McKenzie
November 11, 2006