Intel Leadership Forum
A one day professional development opportunity for educational leaders
Friday May 4, 2007
Algonquin Regional High School
Northborough, Massachusetts
8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
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Lee, Neil, Sharon, et al,

Maybe we could hold 2 if RI is willing to cover the cost for a 2nd one? One in north NE and one in south NE. Remember we could charge for attendance to help defray costs, if necessary, but we should charge the same for both events.


Although it is a large price increase, I think I could get the funding to hold the Intel workshop in RI and then send a district or two to MassCue for the ISTE Leadership Forum. Do we have an idea regarding dates for the Intel training? I could “float” the idea to districts and a few funding sources.

Sounds like a better plan at least as far as Vita-Learn is concerned. I know that we would DEFINITELY Not do the workshop at $3000. I'd say lets look at a NE regional for this.


Regarding this jump - what is the number of participants expected to meet their criteria?

Sharon - 30-45. -Walter

I had a call from John Kalny of Intel this morning and they have just changed the pricing structure so that the Leadership Forum has escalated in price up to $3,000 for a full day (half forum, half train the trainer). Given this big jump in price, perhaps we are better off offering one event for all six states in the Spring? That would cost us less than the $750 each we had planned. Let me know what you think.

Walter McKenzie
December 15, 2006

I have been in touch with Stehpen Andrews and John Kalny of Intel regarding their Leadership program. The actual title of the program is the Intel Leadership Forum and it is 4-hours long in a hands-on Internet-connected lab. See the website for descriptive information

John Judge of MEC actually helped write the seminar and is a master trainer/presenter. It is suggested we contact John to set up plans for seminars in each state. The seminar is $500 for 4 hours or $750 for an 8 hour day (4 hour seminar in the AM and 4 hour train-the-trainer sesion in the afternoon so that our local talent can continue to offer the leadership seminar locally. The cost includes all printed materials which the presenter brings with him/her. All arrangements are made directly with John Judge or his surrogate, and is done informally (i.e. there is typically no contract or other formal agreement needed).

I have spoken with John and he is willing and able to host an Intel Forum for each of our six states. He needs proposed dates/times so that he can put them in his schedule ASAP. Please contact me with a couple of dates for your affiliate so that I can coordinate things with John.

The program should be offered in a computer lab, as many of the materials are online. This is the extent of the consideration needed in preaparing for the event.

Walter McKenzie
December 6, 2006