Meeting 8:30 New England ISTE, Brattleboro, VT

9:00 round the table intro and individuals briefed group of what is happening in their state.

Annual dues:
Account balance: $1750.00 in NEISTE account. Question: How is money withdrawn from account? Group treasurer and another member should be on a two signature account? Discussion of annual dues. Need for by-laws. Consider incorporation.

By Laws:
Vision and Mission statements
membership - type of membership, each organization sends two members - voting, guests welcome. See below Membership
corporate sponsors
Officers/Board - Pres, VP, Treasurer and Secretary
14 voting members - 2/each organization. all other representatives are
non voting representatives.
state organization representatives - non voting members
meetings: schedule defined: Fall meeting/Annual meeting,
Spring meeting - Spring '08 March 14 & 15, Kennebunkport
NECC - additional activity.
procedure for amendment of By Laws.

Which of these organizations are members of ISTE?
Define relationship to ISTE
*MASSCUE Model - written organizational relationship between Computer:Library and ISTE.
this group was originally organized to be a regional ISTE affiliate organization.

Chairperson - Facilitator, state rotation,
first year: Chair and Assistant Chair - different states
Secretary/Treasurer - approved volunteers, voted in no term limit.
second year: assistant becomes new chair and new assistant appointed. past Chair becomes an advisor.
First Year - VT / Peter
ME/ Vince
Second Year ME / Vince

Dues: $250 annually/organization

Amending By Laws:
Procedure for amending By Law. Amendment presented 30 days prior to a meeting. Change distributed to all organizations electronically. Vote on at next meeting.

Vision and Mission statement
look to ISTE's Vision and Mission statements as a place to pull ideas and language.

Regional Buying:
some agreements are already in place. Respect these.
ACTEM: example - they have agreement with SWSoft Parallels. Price point goes down with quantity. This product. Every school would talk to ACTEM.
many vendors only work within each state/not multi state
First Class is an example of another format. Learning Network and Kanon. They are a Jan to June reseller.
look to help states get started on a couple of products that could be group purchased at discount rate.
keep each state group focused on what they have in place. Other states go to them and keep profit - if any. ACTEM - Parallels, NHISTE - Net-Trekker. . . . .
think about: Marketing, Web, Agreement structure. Dennis feels case to case basis right now. In future, we can revisit.
entity will have a point person to contact.
Parrells - Craig
Net-Trekker - Cindy
First Class - Neil
Adobe - VT will have an initial conversation with Kevin.
Atomic Learning - Cindy
Inspiration - Craig
PRC - toner cartridges Peter
how to become an ISTE affiliate

how is money withdrawn from account. Decision: two officers need to be in agreement. Agreed checking account will remain a single signature account.

Regional PD initiatives
send to Neil and he will post it on our website. Research currently available online PD .
help each other fund expensive presenters. Jason Ohler coming to NH to present Digital story telling January 15. Bedford, NH.

State conference and/or event membership pricing. Member discounts pricing for conference or event passed on to the members of the other state groups. Bring this back to each state group and discuss with them how they feel about doing this.

NECC initiatives. Discounted