Notes from ISTE Regional Meeting
March 23-24, 2007

In attendance:

Dennis Crowe
Craig Dickinson __cdickinson@actem.org__
Jeff Mao __jeff.mao@maine.gov__ (Maine State Tech Director)
Vince Vernier __vvanier@actem.org__

Patricia Palmer __palm_tree@snet.net__
Art Skerker __arthur.skerker@ct.gov__ (Connecticut State Tech Director)
Sue Weber __sweber@berlinschools.org__

Lorelle Allessio __lallessio@comcast.net__
Connie Louie __clouie@doe.mass.edu__ (Massachusetts State Tech Director)
Walter McKenzie __wmckenzie@masscue.org__

Cyndi Dunlap __cdunlap55@comcast.net__
Jeff Kessler __jkessler@newport.k12.nh.us__

Norm Chapman __norm@ride.ri.net__
Lee Rabbitt __lee_rabbitt@nksd.net__

Peter Drescher __pdrescher@vermontinstitutes.org__
Neil Manders __nmanders@fc.wcsu.k12.vt.us__
Bill Romond __bill.romond@state.vt.us__ (Vermont State Tech Director)

Unable to attend:

Donna Good __dgood515@cox.net__
Phyllis Humphrey __rid04893@ride.ri.net__

Katie Miller __millerk@bpsmail.org__

Friday evening, March 23, 2007

Dinner and discussion with state tech directors
The tech directors asked NEISTE how they could help support technology
NEISTE reps asked if they could respond on Saturday after considering the question

Saturday, October 28, 2006
Overview by Walter of Goals, Purpose, Intent of NEISTE
  • Each state board sends 2 members . . plus as desired
  • Short and long term goals

Introductions and Review of each Affiliate

VITA-Learn - Vermont

  • Conferences:
3-day VitaLearn in November
1-day Dynamic Leadership in May
3-day Summer at Norwich
  • Sharing website –
  • Lots new happening, reestablishing the VitaLearn regions
  • More formalization again
  • Currently not much financial support to offer

ACTEM - Maine

  • Aggregator for software sales (Craig)
  • Did a large scale memory purchase for 3 and 4 year old eBooks from MTIA
  • Most schools are a part of ACTEM
  • October conference – large draw
  • Jobs & questions mailing list
  • PD $18,000 worth of PD reimbursement
  • Newsletter & website
  • Awards

CECA – Connecticut

  • PD
    • Fall conference, expanding – partnering w/ CEMA (media folks), being held at the new convention center – Tuesday (with some Monday
    • Working with CASP, to bringing Intel Leadership event to CT for principals
  • Award Program
    • Apps due in fall – 3 award (elem, ms, hs) $1,000 each (50% school/50% teacher)
  • Small software contracts
  • Advocacy at Legislative office building (cancelled this year)

RISTE – Rhode Island

  • 9 years ago the tech directors organized
  • Help support the RI statewide network
  • Listserv to help directors to share and work together to improve tech in the state
  • 501 (c) 4, bylaws
  • Last 3/4 years has shown growth and coordination (first effort to address MS licensing agreement statewide, then same with Semantic
  • About 72 members, 35/40 very active members, growing
  • Sharing across members and vendors
  • Small organization to support tech directors, working on a Tech Directors certification
  • Forming a relationship with DOE
  • Developing a combined data warehouse, 5-day of Super User training
  • Investigating funding issues and going directly to the legislature to get funds
  • Consortium SIS project
  • Districts need help with tech leadership, working with Supt association, providing job specifications for Superintendent hiring . . .

NHSTE – New Hampshire

  • PD
CMTC 3-day fall
TT – Integration sessions (3)
TC – Integration sessions (3)
Linux – (2)
Summer Event
Annual Meeting
  • Web (Savvy) ~ currently looking to look ahead Web 2.0
  • Membership issues and options
  • Connections (4x year)
  • Awards
  • List servs
Tech Coordinator
Tech Teachers
NH Principals
Specific schools (host only)
  • Advocacy (new)
Sending 2 members to CoSN/ISTE event in DC in April
  • Collaborate with PD LESCN sites

MassCUE - Massachusetts

  • Searching for identity past few years
  • Completed Good to Great process:
    • Hedgehog concept: MassCUE will transform education by sharing, collaborating and providing professional growth opportunities that affect best practices through the use of 21st century tools.
  • Current emphasis on outreach: Preservice, administration, professional organizations
  • Now reading the “Art of Possibilities” for Board professional development
  • 25th Anniversary, fall conference celebration
  • Website awards, showcasing content and education, no commercial interests (100 sites nominated, 40 classroom, 30/30 school & district)
  • Seed grant program, $750 each (15)
  • Partner w/ DOE, grant programs, online learning
  • PD coordinator and SIG coordinator consolidating all PD efforts into one comprehensive program combining just-in-time features of SIGs with regional offerings and online tools
    • Bringing all leaders together for Leadership retreat in April
    • Targeting interests and audiences

Review of ISTE Affiliate Application (included in packet)

Walter will file the application with ISTE once membership numbers are complete
Membership breakdown
  • RI 50
  • NH 400
  • CT unknown
  • ME 680
  • MA 600
  • VT none officially

Intel Leadership Forum
1-day event (AM content, PM train-the-trainer)
Computer lab required
For tech directors
5/4/07 already established in Massachusetts
CT/RI investigating a second future date
If any other states are interested, please contact Walter
Need only a site, the rest is provided

ISTE Leadership Institute
  • Team (5/6) from district, 2-day kick off, to prepare to move forward with technology
  • Good turn out and great feedback
  • Approximately $5,000 per team, 2-day, online collaboration, and final event
  • Need to define the marketing, recruiting, and scholarship strategy
  • Team (could include superintendent, assistant superintendent, tech director, curriculum director, board member, principal, department heads, lead teachers, etc)
  • Summer ’08 ~ during school or during summer: Bring this discussion to your board, get back to Walter by June
  • NHSTE would need to collaborate with Principals assn, NHSAA

Question from Tech Directors: On what topics would NEISTE ask the DOE reps from the states for assistance?
  • Standardization on certifications ~ directors position certification/endorsement/licensure, TOSA issue, in CT “coaches role” (non evaluative, non direct instruction),
  • Federal technical support for NCLB, meeting in weeks, all NE DOE folks (Connie & Bills) NE Comprehensive Centers (new NCLB support strategy)
  • NCLB issues, ICT grade 8 literacy issue, EDEN (mandatory data collection system at the federal level), address the assessment piece
  • Communication across state DOEs is a core target of this group.
  • Distance learning and PD through distance learning
  • Add the notion of Total Cost of Ownership – “big picture” model, not just TCO for technology

Adobe and other Vendor Collaboration
  • Walter update on what Adobe is offering!
  • For next meeting, identify a half dozen vendors and put current data on the wiki
  • Adobe, FileMaker, Microsoft, Semantic, FirstClass, Apple Maintenance program, Tech4Learning, netTrekker, Video Discovery, Atomic Learning
  • Need to address the legal ramifications so that all states can access the benefits of these efforts
  • Record your state data on the wiki – Walter will add a “Group Purchase Link” from the home page
  • How about hardware specs? Harder than software
  • Could a small percentage from this group purchase effort be used to support NEISTE expenses?

Summer Regional PD
MassCUE is sponsoring boot camps on Linux, OSX and Windows 2003
  • Have commitment for Linux trainers
  • Need OSX and Windows 2003 experts
  • Contact Walter if you have a lead for OSX or Windows

  • Week of June 23rd in Atlanta
  • Panel proposal accepted for presentation at affiliates meeting
  • Panel discussion participants:
    • Presenter Lorelle Allessio
    • Co-Presenter #1 Sharon Betts
    • Co-Presenter #2 Cyndi Dunlap
    • Co-Presenter #3 Pat Palmer
    • Co-Presenter #4 Peter Drescher
    • Co-Presenter #5 Walter McKenzie
    • Co-Presenter #6 Lee Rabbitt
  • Need to develop a strategy for the panel, ideas now through April on Wiki then conference call in May to coordinate
  • Overview of co-marketing agreement
    • What you give:
      • Web link
      • Conference marketing
      • Forward email
    • What you get:
      • Housing block
      • VIP seating
      • Free meeting space
      • Free table/booth in Affiliates area
      • Early bird registration
      • Comp registrations (1 per 15)

NECC/ New England Reception
  • Last year went well
  • Financial support – CT, NH, MA
  • CT is working on some vendor sponsorship
  • $3k approx to do it right, this would be $750 per state
  • RI is investigating Microsoft
  • NH speaking with GovConnection
  • VT is speaking with FirstClass
  • Benefits by tier:

Tier 1

· Few minutes to speak @ reception
· Banner @ reception
· Display materials @ reception
· 45/50 minute presentation @ NEISTE meeting (2/yr)
· Acknowledged on home page of NEISTE website
· NEISTE Focus Group participant
· $100 discount on exhibitor registration at regional conferences, where applicable
· 15/20 minute presentation @ NEISTE member (local) meeting (by invitation as appropriate)
· Display materials @ NEISTE meeting

Tier 2

· Banner @ reception
· Display materials @ reception
· Acknowledged on sponsorship page of NEISTE website by tier
· NEISTE Focus Group participant
· Display materials @ NEISTE meeting
· $75 discount on exhibitor registration at regional conferences, where applicable
· 5/10 minute presentation @ NEISTE member (local) meeting (by invitation as appropriate)
· Display materials @ NEISTE member (local) meeting

Tier 3

· Banner @ reception
· Display materials @ reception
· Acknowledged on sponsorship page of NEISTE website by tier
· $50 discount on exhibitor registration at regional conferences, where applicable
· Display materials @ NEISTE member (local) meeting

Tier 4

· Display materials @ reception
· Acknowledged on sponsorship page of NEISTE website by tier
· $25 discount on exhibitor registration at regional conferences, where applicable
· Display materials @ NEISTE member (local) meeting

NECC 2013 ~ Boston (1989, and 1994)
  • Seek out an IHE partner: Assignment for all, to think of potential partners
  • University of Connecticut, Lesley University,
  • Need to do our homework
  • Request to meet from 4-5 PM the hour before the reception meeting with the NECC planning team

NETS Refresh (copy in agenda materials)
  • Reviewed new categories
  • Walter sent out a link to the location to provide feedback
  • Encourage those who you think would have good feedback to submit

First Class Demo
  • Neil Introductions: Andrea Walsh Regional Account Manager __awalsh@firstclass.com__ 866.960.6656 copy of this presentation is available at __
  • Now part of OpenText (fortune 2000 customers, military, gov, business)
  • Effort linking the ISTE 100 members and discuss how they can support schools
  • Demo & discussion items
    • FirstClass & NEISTE future partnership
    • Group Purchasing Agreements (Maine very successful effort –erateable) ~ open to discussion for enhanced agreements
    • Online community in New England ~ long term vision
  • Long term strategy is to continue both client and web-based
  • State of Florida is becoming a hosting entity, some affiliates might want to look more at hosting (SERESC)
  • Teacher/admin, teacher, parent/student licenses (license 1x)
  • Preferred window of time to discuss . . . and make a NEISTE decision ~ January ’08, only if through ACTEM existing relationship could we mobilize for June ‘07
  • Chicago public schools bringing 450 schools into FC . . .
  • Has had some conversations with FETC and including a FC account as a part of registration before and after the conference . . .
  • Need to discuss the appropriate role of vendors at these meetings (cost/fee/rationale/criteria) and set protocol for future.

Treasurer’s Report
  • CECA has the most recent list of who has paid the $250 setup fee (REMA, RHISTE, NH, ME, MA, CT) checks held until 2007. VITA is waiting for the invoice from CECA to process.
  • Reimbursement for the October meeting. Need to cover food/meeting costs, $100/state. March meeting is approximately $800, $133/state
  • $1,400 both meetings => $200 per organization, MassCUE will invoice each Affiliate for reimbursement for meeting expenses
  • CECA question: business manager would like guidelines as to how money can be accessed for the CECA account, most BMs will require a vote and a signature. Two signatures president and/or treasurer to request fund distribution from the NEISTE/CECA account.
  • What needs to be done with respect to tax filing, CECA will check this out . . .

  • Basics officers (chair, treasurer, recording secretary), time span (revisit elections every 2 years) ~ how about a backup for chair, such as a vice chair . . .
  • Membership requirements: NE ISTE Affiliate, K-16
  • Look at ISTE and member models for full bylaws
  • Role of DOEs and state directors: advisory membership, non voting
  • Process for adding new chair persons as need arises
  • Modified Roberts rules of order (simple majority) for meeting protocol
  • Liquidation clause
  • Find the required 501(c) 3 language and include (Norm will provide)
  • Agendas are posted through the Chair, minutes are approved by the Board and then posted on the NEISTE web site
  • Minimum # of meetings per year: 2
  • Liability clause needed to protect our respective organizations

Next Steps . . .
  • NECC panel (wiki posting and May concall)
  • Sponsorship Tier (next few days)
  • Future meetings – last week September/first week October and March (avoid the Columbus Day weekend, Sept 28/29 1st choice)
  • Potential sites ~ Brattleboro, Marlboro College for October 2007 meeting
  • FirstClass ~ next steps (group purchases ~ January ‘08, NEISTE usage ~ see if sponsorship comes through) ~ have fall state conferences highlight the FC options
  • Looks like we need a small FC committee (Craig, Neil, ?CECA? rep, /NHSTE/Kathy M), to come up with something: is there a pricing value add, and can there be multiple purchasing agents (at least 3)?
  • Massachusetts Intel Leadership Forum
  • RI and CT to coordinate Intel Leadership Forum
  • ISTE Leadership Institute summer 08
  • Look to negotiating a “regional co marketing agreement” are there some additional value ads

  • Archiving issues, send to Neil – wants to run a late spring workshop on this topic, needs a good speaker, ??Steve Kossakowski
  • CT Art – just had their lawyers look at what is and is not required
  • Some of your colleges may have legal council on board when looking for speakers

  • Send future agenda items to Walter
  • Adjourned to 3:15 PM