NECC 2008 - My presentation is on using Google Tools in the Classroom.
This is my first year to do a workshop and I am very excited.
Purpose & Objectives

Google has enabled every teacher and classroom to make use of digital tools without purchasing or installing extensive software. Many students are still not being given the opportunity to experience these tools in their everyday assignments due to their teachers lack of familiarity or digital fears. In a non-threatening atmosphere, this session will help to alleviate these fears.

The purposes of this session are:
to inform participants on the research supporting the need for K-12 students to become more familiar with digital tools.
to remove the hesitation and fear of using these tools through hands-on demonstrations
to give participants specific uses directly related to their situations

At the end of this session participants will:
have an account in Google with subscriptions to all the pertinent applications.
have tested and experimented in a hands-on atmosphere with Notebook, Docs and Spreadsheets (and the new Presentation), Page Creator and Google Groups.
have a short project completed as a model for future student assignments.
Understand the educational reason for moving research projects to digital formats


During this session, a short overview of numerous Google applications will be presented. The ones most appropriate for enhancing and expanding student work in completing a research project will be explained in depth through a hands-on workshop with a supporting wiki and video clips. Each attendee will be able to concentrate on individual topics. All supporting resources, as well as a Google Group and Ning Network, will be available to everyone following NECC08

Introduction - 10 minutes
Presentation of Research - 20 minutes
Overview of Google applications - 60 minutes
Hands-on workshop - 60 minutes
Explanation of continued collaboration - 30 minutes

This will be a user intensive session. Registration to Google and all the necessary applications will be completed. Each attendee will work with his/her own material under mentoring and direction from Sharon