NECC New England Reception
Mark your calendar to be there!
Tuesday June 26, 20075:00 - 7:00 PM
The Omni Hotel at CNN Center
The Magnolia Room, International Ball Room (M2), North Tower
Floor Map:


If NEISTE is going to partake of any activities that will involve funding, I for one would say that the corporate sponsorship would be the way to go rather than expecting any revenue from the local affiliates. In my case, I had to beg, borrow, connive and promise my first born (ya right in the next life maybe) in order to get enough funds just to support my attendance at our 2 meetings. To expect any funding above this would be dreaming. Alternatively, if we are planning the need for funding, then perhaps we need to move to the next level and determine some other methods of generating a revenue stream that we can use for regional activities. Good topics for discussion at meeting.

Neil Manders
March 3, 2007

Hi Walter, et al., With our collective bargaining power developing, I am sure that there must be some corporations that would "love" to sponsor NEISTE. I would be happy to "put out some feelers". Any reactions?

Norm Chapman
March 3, 2007

I think this would be a great idea. I try to attend these receptions and the networking is very valuable.
Sharon Betts
March 2, 2007

What is everyone's take on hosting a New England Affiliate reception (all six states) Tues June 26th 5 PM in Atlanta?

Last year Connecticut, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire joined together to host a very successful event in San Diego. We each chipped in $900-$1,000 and had wonderful food, drink and conversation. If we split it six ways it would be only @ $500 a state!

What do you think?

Walter McKenzie
March 1, 2007