The proposal for a one hour panel session on the first year of New England Affiliate Regional Collaboration
was submitted October 4, 2006.Here is the proposal summary - we now wait to see if it is accepted:

Session Title: Regional Collaboration Year One: The NewEngland ISTE Affiliates

Proposal ID#: 39761012

Lorelle Allessio (MassCUE) - Presider
Sharon Betts (ACTEM) - Panelist
Cyndi Dunlap (NHSTE) - Panelist
Nina Hansen (CECA) - Panelist
Neil Manders (VITA-Learn) - Panelist
Walter McKenzie (MassCUE) - Panelist
Lee Rabbitt (RISTE) - Panelist

Category/Subcategory Session: Panel

Theme and Strand School Improvement: EducationalVisions/Planning

Session Description: This past year the six New EnglandISTE affiliates explored possibilities for coordination ofprograms and resources. Come hear a review of our firstyear!

Keywords: region affiliate collaboration coordinationplanning

Audience Type: All
Audience Level: All


NETS-A 1. ISTE affiliates develop a shared vision for
comprehensive integration of technology and foster an
environment and culture conducive to the realization of
that vision across New England.

NETS-A 3. ISTE affiliates enhance their professional
practice and increase their own productivity and that of
their respective memberships.

NETS-A 5. ISTE affiliates understand the social, legal, and
ethical issues related to technology and apply that
understanding in working cohesively and collaboratively.

Proposal Summary:
This past year the six New England ISTE affiliates exploredpossibilities for coordination of programs and resources.The process began at NECC 2006 birds of a feather sessionentitled "New England Affiliates Collaboration andPlanning." The energy and ideas from this initial meetingwere further pursued at a follow-up meeting in October2006, in which members of all six boards met for two daysto build the foundation for working together in the future.As our first year of working cooperatively comes to aclose, this session offers the opportunity to reflect uponand discuss the progress we have made in year one of ourefforts. Come and take part in a sharing of our insights,accomplishments and plans for the future!

Outline: Accomplishments and lessons learned at theconclusion of our first year of regional collaboration 10minute overview of the initiative 40 minute paneldiscussion of the past year 10 minute conclusionsummarizing year one

Special Emphases: incorporates global collaboration

Presenter Background: Participating board membersfrom the New England affiliates.

Prerequisites: No prerequisite skills or knowledgenecessary.

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