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Notes from Brattleboro, VT Meeting Nov. 16-17, 2007

Notes from Worcester MA Meeting March 23-24, 2007

Notes from Nashua NH Meeting October 27-28, 2006

Notes from Birds of a Feather Session at NECC 06


By Summer (2007?):
Intel Leadership Forum
Group Purchasing/First Class and Others
Acquire official recognition by ISTE as a Regional Affiliate
Attend NECC, Present Panel in Regional Affiliate
Network Academy: Linux, SharePoint, OSX

Meeting Sept 28-29 at Brattleboro, Marlboro College
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ISTE Institute - Administrative Leadership

New England ISTE Affiliates Board

ACTEM (Maine)
Dennis Crowe
Craig Dickinson
Vince Vernier

CECA (Connecticut)
Pat Palmer
Sue Weber

MassCUE (Massachusetts)
Lorelle Allessio
Walter McKenzie

NHSTE (New Hampshire)
Jeff Kessler
Sheila Adams

RISTE (Rhode Island)
Norm Chapman
Lee Rabbitt

Vita-Learn (Vermont)
Peter Drescher
Neil Manders

State Directors of Technology
Art Skerker – Connecticut
Jeff Mao – Maine
Connie Louie – Massachusetts
Cathy Higgins – New Hampshire
Bill Romond – Vermont

Lynn Nolan, ISTE

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