Notes for my presentation at TCEA in Feb. 2007 - NOTE: this presentation was cancelled unfortunately (personal reasons).
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Uniting eLearning, ePortfolios and Open Source

eLearning using Moodle - we use a cost effective hosted solution in collaboration with an OpenSource company.
Our installation
Moodle website
Examples of our "classes"
  • 5-6 grade students using safe blogging (Journals) and Discussion boards (reflection, peer review, etc.)
  • 7th grade classes collaborating across classes - moving a major portion of their class online
  • Middle School Civil Rights teams working on school issues through technology
  • HS art classes online
  • Staff in-service

ePortfolios using MyEport
Our installation
MyEport website
Examples of our "uses"
  • Staff inservice
  • 2nd graders documenting work (with teacher help) through wikis and blogs - secured
* 7-8 Science students with individual ePortfolios - just starting

Teacher laptops / student desktops integrating with Open Source applications
List of applications K-12
Other applications as needed for particular classes - some referenced here.

Resources on Web 2.0 and where it fits on my other WIKI.