My submission to the challenge:

My job, for all intents and purposes, is to teach teachers technology not in Belize external image 7207.gif(although with ubiquitous networks - possible), but in Maine, USA. Perfunctory at times, I yo-yo around ideas trying not to be quixotic. As a learner, I have met many great leaders and now would like to give back quid pro quo. Many staff fear change, but want to do whats best for their students. They approach new technologies like a bear with melissophobia around a honey tree. This challenge I can meet with interesting and straight -forward lessons. It is those that hide their hesitation deep in a mental hole as elusive as a brown recluse spider external image 250px-Brown_recluse_spider%2C_Loxosceles_reclusa.jpgwhich I would like to abrogate from the profession.