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MainEducational Conference
Christa McAuliffe
Electronic Village Online in January - especially BAW09.
and more KnowPlace.ca presentations

I have been using individual wikis and blogs for my latest work - please check out http://sharonsshare.blogspot.com and http://sharonbetts.info
and my Social Network at NewLearning

Helping out with EVO beginning mid-January 2008 - This was a fabulous week!
Presenting on Wikis on the Classroom at the KnowPlace.ca beginning March 30, 2008 - what wonderful teachers.

Presenting on Googling in the Classroom in June at NECC 2008.

K12OnlineConference 2007 - presented on Oodles of Google, posted Tuesday, Oct. 16th

MainEd 2007 - presented on 20 ways to use Google in your Classroom. (Oct. 13th)
Christa McAuliffe - presented on Professional Development / ePortfolios through Social Networking AND 20 ways to use Google in your Classroom.

NECC07 -
Professional Development Transformed through Personal Learning Spaces
Integrating Online and Open Source to Support Integration -- Birds of a Feather Leader with Bill Fitzgerald and Steve Hargadon: http://birdsnecc2007.iste.wikispaces.net
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How about online collaboration?
skrbl now
Links from 2006:
  • NECC06 on Open Source Portals. Click the link on the left for some resources on this presentation.
This was quite an experience. I was astounded at the buzz around Open Source and all the great opportunities to learn.
I blogged for eSchool News and for ISTE (through Sharon's Share).

  • NELS - New England Linux Symposium
  • UNH - OpenSource Institute Teacher's Track - this is an extension to NELS (see above). Check out our WIKI by clicking UNH_Institute.
  • ACTEM - Association of Computer Technology Educators of Maine - Presentation links from Wikis and Social Bookmarking.