Goal 3
Increase personal knowledge-base around paradigms and solutions to support technology integration for the benefit of the district.

1. Attend and share results of relevant Conferences, Seminars and Trainings
Measurable Outcome: Attendance, documentation of sharing
Participated in Webheads 2008 (also co-moderated week 4) - http://baw-08.pbwiki.com/
Google Reader subscriptions
Participation in STEM conference
Attendance and presentations at Christa McAuliffe Conference, MainEd Conference, NECC, K12Online

2. Research and test new applications
Measurable Outcome: Journal of applications and recommendations
ZoomIt - works well in Windows and could be great for presentations and even vision impaired students
VodPod - going to use for posting groups of videos c (J Randall)
VoiceThread Ed - students projects (D. Storer, J Ouellette, T Marquis)
21Classes - district wide blogging
wikispaces private label - district wide wikis

3. Stay current through professional associations and periodicals
Measurable Outcome: Journaling
T.H.E. Journal
Technologyand Learning
Learning and Leading