We had a RIEMA board meeting and the $250.00 was approved and the check mailed to CECA. Regarding the next meeting, we would prefer the March 23/24 date and actually liked the NH location where we met the last time--not too far, easy to find! Thanks.

Phyllis Humphrey, RIEMA
November 15, 2006

RISTE will be sending our dues and will definitely host a leadership seminar. We’re going to plan for the 8 hour day. I think March or April will be the timeframe. It seems that four districts could participate. If we have more interest, should we plan to host two days? What should be our next step? I’d like to get the proposals out to the districts in December. Walter – Thanks for all your hard work!!

Lee Rabbitt, RISTE
November 19, 2006

MassCUE approved the $250 regional start-up money as well as the $750 to host an Intel Leadership Forum in the Spring.

Walter McKenzie, MassCUE
December 6, 2006

Our next ACTEM meeting is January 8th. I believe all this is on the agenda for that meeting.

Crystal Priest, ACTEM
December 8, 2006

NHSTE will have no formal board decisions until after our January 2nd meeting.

Cyndi Dunlap, NHSTE
December 8, 2006

At today's Vita_Learn Retreat and business meeting, we voted to

1. pay the $250 membership for NEISTE. Could you please send details concerning how to make out the check and to whom to send that check.. It would be very much easier if Vita could get a billing for the records but if that doesn't work, I think we can just make the check work.

2. include a budget item of $500 to cover the expenses of sending up to two representatives to the NEISTE meeting.

3. set aside the sum of $750 for use with the Intel Leadership program. Given the above, that will need to be amended.

Also, each Spring, Vita-learn holds a one day conference. Usually that occurs in the Northern part of the state however periodically we hold a separate session down here in the South. I am considering doing that again this year. I mention this just to open the possibilities of including something regional up here in Southern Vermont which for most is not all that bad of a trip (up Rt.91). If you have some ideas or thoughts on this, let me know.

Neil Manders, Vita-LEARN
December 15, 2006

Summary of CECA Board meeting in December as regards to the New England Alliance:
  1. CECA has agreed to join and pay the $250.00 membership fee.
  2. CECA has agreed to hold the funds.
    1. Check should be sent to: ATTN: Rick Wood, CECA, PO Box 31, Bethlehem, CT 06751-0031. Rick’s email address is __Registrar@CECAInfo.org__
    2. Rick needs the following information from each participating organization: contact person’s name, organization’s name, email address and physical address.
    3. Rick will keep a separate database with the New England Alliance records.
    4. The CECA Board suggested that the Alliance develop a policy in written form that will establish who and how money can be withdrawn from the fund.
    5. All checks will be deposited after January 1, 2007 and we will be contacting our accountant to find out the best way to handle the paperwork and IRS reporting, etc.
  3. CECA will send two representatives to meetings. Pat Palmer will be the regular representative. Board member Sue Weber will attend the meeting in March.
  4. CECA has authorized one Board member to attend the NECC conference and representative on the panel. This person will be Pat Palmer.
  5. CECA will extend one complimentary membership to each participating organization and will make links from its website to promote other organization’s activities.
  6. CECA has designated our second vice president to be the contact for these complimentary memberships. This year our second vice president is Joan Peck. I have to confirm the email address for contacting her. Any regular mail should be sent to ATTN: Joan Peck, Second Vice President, CECA, PO Box 31, Bethlehem, CT 06751 email affiliate@CECAInfo.org
  7. Cost of food for meetings: CECA is suggesting that the cost of food and meeting room for each meeting be split by the number of organizations attending each meeting.
  8. Tech Expo: CECA does not have permission to post the projects and people’s email addresses from previous Expos, but they will be seeking these permissions for the 2007 Expo which will be held in April.

Pat Palmer, CECA
January 1, 2007


Regarding the three discussion items that we brought to the NHSTE board yesterday, here are our decisions:

1) $250 membership fee: approved (Deb Boisvert, our treasurer, will be sending the check along)

2) Intel Leadership Forum: not interested, our PD centers are already doing this (WGBY already has the NE grant for this, you might want to ensure this is not a duplication of effort,http://www.wgby.org/edu/itf/index.html)

3) ISTE Leadership Institute: we are interested in further discussion and garnering greater detail regarding the logistics/costs

Regarding Adobe, we did not see great enough detail to warrant pursuit at this time. Our PD plate is pretty full at this point in time.

New Hampshire's preference for the March meeting: the closer the better (1st choice: Sheraton Nashua again, 2nd choice: Rte 290 (Worcester) or Rt3 9/495 interchange (am not sure what town that would be, Framingham perhaps??)

Cyndi Dunlap, NHSTE
January 3, 2007